This website is managed directly by Sergio Messina. General enquiries, questions about the works featured here, interview requests and exhibition proposals should be addressed directly to me through the contact page of his personal website.

How it works
Choose a print, then place an order here, specifying:
  • The title of the print;
  • you name and the address where you want to recieve it;
  • your preferred payment method;
  • your preferred delivery.
I will reply with all the details in max 24h.

At the present time there is one payment method: Bank Transfer. When you send me the order, I'll send you the details.

Your choice: regular mail or any other parcel service: you pay, you pick. Items are shipped from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Please note that you will recieve a receipt for all transactions, and that all prices in this website include EU VAT (which means you might have to pay additional import taxes depending on where you order from).
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